The rise of Rubio

He does a better job of explaining why he communicates directly with some Spanish speakers.  This was just one point in the debate where Rubio impressed, and is reflected in the post debate polling.  Many see him as the most electable candidate in the group.  He is the one Democrats fear the most.  Their attempts to attack him look feeble and lame.


  1. Aside from his lack of management experience, he has one very troubling event in the past. During the Gang of Eight period, he got caught "doing the Arafat." That is saying one thing in English, and something completely difference in Arabic. In his case, he said in a Hispanic network interview that legalization would come first, then securing the borders. Worse, he initially lied about it before being confronted with the tape and transcript. Considering that this is one of the top items which Obama is leaving his successor, both we and Rubio need to be very clear on where he actually stands.


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