No wonder Obama is not managing the war with ISIL well--He thinks a jobs program is the answer

NY Times:

Obama Tells U.N. That Weapons Alone Won’t Defeat ISIS

President Obama called on world leaders to fight extremism with ideas, jobs and good governance, a strategy he has long advocated, but it did not elicit much enthusiasm.
There is substantial evidence that many of these people are well educated and gave up good jobs to join the religious bigots.  What Obama does not seem to comprehend is that the basis for ISIL and al Qaeda is in Islamic religious bigotry which he seems to want to deny even exists.  

But, it is pretty easy to spot because of their genocidal attacks on Christians and other religious groups they disapprove of.  Jobs and ideas can't cure religious bigotry.  Governance in the West has not stopped the religious bigots from attacking those with whom they disagree.  What he is demonstrating is old fashion faculty lounge ignorance of warfare and what motivates the enemy.

It is clearly going to take a more intelligent approach than any he has demonstrated to date.  But it does explain at least in part why he has been so unsuccessful in dealing with radical Islam.

BTW, the media also does not seem to comprehend that the enemy is motivated by Islamic relgious bigotry even when confronted with it.


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