Three Brit women in Libya try to seduce more to join them with ISIL

English-speaking female jihadis have been using social media to try to lure western Muslims to join them with Islamic State in Libya, a new front in the war on terror just 400 miles from Europe’s shores.

Three native English-speaking women have been monitored for months by theInstitute for Strategic Dialogue, a UK-based thinktank, and are believed to be British. They say they have been living in the wartorn north African country since at least the start of the summer.

Using a variety of social media platforms, including Twitter and encrypted messaging apps such as Surespot and Telegram, the three have reached out to their hundreds of followers, and as routes into Syria via its 500-mile border with Turkey have become further restricted they have advertised the journey to Libyaas the easiest way of joining Isis’s so-called caliphate.

Isis has been in Libya for just over a year and the country is home to its largest forces outside of the Middle East. The group has its headquarters in the northern coastal town of Sirte, birthplace of Libya’s late dictator Muammar Gaddafi, but also has a training base to the west of the capital, Tripoli.
Why women would want to join the genocidal religious bigots is a mystery, but apparently some are heeding their call.  This would not be happening if Obama and Clinton had not overthrown the Libyan government, and paved the way for the terrorist.


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