'Fact checker' blows it on Carson's statement about Sharia and Shia belief it is OK to lie

The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler is one of the dishonest clacque of leftwing propagandists who claim to be “Fact Checkers.” As far as anyone can determine, his driving force in life is to render tendentious judgments on anything a Republican says and award them “Pinocchios” based on some arbitrary criteria. In one memorable instance, Kessler judged a claim to be True but False. I swear to heaven I am not making this up.

In his latest foray into calumny vaguely posing as journalism, Kessler pulls on a turban and examines the nuances of Islam for us.
Carson is much closer to the truth about Islam than the so called fact checker..  This is a long piece, but if you are interested in learning about Islamic philosophy on lying, it is worth reading.


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