Media attacks on Carson backfire as he draws into tie with Trump

NBC News:
Donald Trump and Ben Carson are running neck and neck in the national Republican presidential horserace, while Carly Fiorina is now tied for third place with Marco Rubio, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

And on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has lost ground to Bernie Sanders — she leads him by just seven points with Joe Biden in the race, and 15 points without the vice president. That's down from Clinton's 34-point lead over Sanders in July and her whopping 60-point lead in June.

In the GOP race, Trump is the first choice of 21 percent of Republican primary voters — followed by Carson at 20 percent and Rubio and Fiorina tied at 11 percent each.
This is after the media attempted a buzz saw operation on Carson over his accurate description of Islamic Sharia Law and its impact on a potential Muslim candidate for President.  The rise fo Rubio and Fiorina probably reflects their performance in the last debate where many saw them as the top two performers.  The rest of the candidates are in the single digits.


  1. Lay off of Ben, the media is doing their best to do a hack job on him. But it's not going to work. Not this must be so very frustrating for them, those old tactics just aren't working anymore. I guess the public finall caught on.


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