Leadership problem comes from funding bad Democrat policies

NY Times:

Next House Speaker Likely to Face Similar Problems

Whoever takes over from Speaker John A. Boehner will be under pressure to confront Democrats and the White House more strongly, meaning the job probably won’t get any easier.
Here are just some of the problems that caused rebellion against Boehner--funding the despised and horrid Obama healthcare plan; funding Obama's illegal amnesty for illegals; and funding Planned Parenthood and their immoral commerce in baby body parts.  All these programs waste money and make the country poorer.

One of the reasons Democrats get away with these programs is the use of omnibus spending bills which tie them to needed government funding.  Congress seems to have lost the ability to have separate appropriations for various items in the budget.  If each item had its own appropriation a Presidential veto would just mean that the particular program would not be approved and not the entire government.

Make no mistake, the leadership of the GOP is under pressure because they have not done what they said they would do when they got a majority.  They are more interested in keeping Obama's crappy programs funded than in doing something to stop them.  McConnell is also probably more unpopular with Republicans than Democrats these days.


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