Don't know much about History--Russian edition

Daily Mail:

epa04744259 Russian journalist Leonid Sviridov (L) and Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreev (R) deliver a press conference at the Russian Embassy in Warsaw, Poland, 12 May 2015. Sviridov announced that he will appeal to the Head of the Foreigners Office against Masovian Voivode decision to revoke him a residence permit in Poland and in the EU. Earlier in October 2014, Polish Foreign Ministry at the request of the Internal Security Agency (ABW), had refused his accreditation to Polish FM and initiated proceeding to revoke Sviridovís residency permit in Poland.  EPA/PAWEL SUPERNAK POLAND OUTFury as Russian ambassador accuses POLAND of starting the Second World War even though country suffered millions of casualties during conflict 

Sergei Andreev - the Kremlin's representative in Warsaw - argued that Poland was 'co-responsible' for the devastating conflict, despite arguably being its greatest victim.
It is hard to imagine a more historically ignorant statement about the beginning of World War II.   The fact is that Poland was the victim of a conspiracy between two despots, Hitler and Stalin.  They both agreed to partition Poland and that agreement and subsequent conquest is what put the war in motion.  They both engaged in war crimes against the Polish peopel before eventually fighting each other.


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