Planned Parenthood loads up with lawyers and PR flacks

NY Times:

Reacting to Videos, Planned Parenthood Fights to Regain Initiative

The women’s reproductive health care provider has countered videos claiming it was “profiteering in baby parts” by gathering information from affiliates, hiring lawyers, crisis managers and video experts, and solidifying support.
The lead buys into the euphemism that Planned Parenthood is about "women health" when in fact it appears to be a business based on stopping reproduction and making commerce in the by product of that effort.  If they don't think there is anything wrong with that business model, why do they need all those consultants?  Why not just say, this is what we do and we don't care if you think it is immoral?  After all isn't that what the consultants are going to be asked to sell?

Ben Carson handles the "women's health" question:


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