New amphibious vehicle designed for getting Marines from ship to shore

Daily Mail:

Any vehicle that can swim, climb out of the water on its own and then drive on land is considered an amphibian. There have been many attempts at these wheeled amphibious vehicles?from the dainty German Amphicar of the 1960s to the wild Gibbs Aquada or Rinspeed Splash of more contemporary design.
For military use, the most famous wheeled amphibian is World War II-era DUKW or Duck boat, repurposed today for tourists to sightsee along city streets and waterways.   
?In the past, the challenge in designing amphibians has always been an issue of making compromises in the design, which has generally led to vehicles that weren?t very good in either ?land mode? or ?sea mode,?? said David Hunn, senior fellow and technical director working on Lockheed Martin?s Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) program.
The real design challenge, according to Hunn, is how you can make a military vehicle that is good at being both, while also being very survivable on a modern, hostile battlefield.
?I think of it liThe duck boat for the 21st century: Lockheed Martin reveals $7m eight-wheel drive amphibious vehicle complete with grenade launchers to carry marines into battle

With eight wheel drive and fitted with grenade launchers, the Amphibious Combat Vehicle is designed to carry up to 13 marines into combat.
The Mariens have needed a new amphibious vehicle and this one looks cost effective at this point.


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