The religious right to lie in Islam is more widespread than thought

PJ Media:
Ben Carson Exposes Islamic ‘Taqiyya,’ But There’s Even More You Should Know

Carson deserves credit for raising the issue, but he actually minimized the danger.
According to Sami Mukaram, one of the world’s foremost authorities on taqiyya:

Taqiyya is of fundamental importance in Islam. Practically every Islamic sect agrees to it and practices it … We can go so far as to say that the practice of taqiyya is mainstream in Islam, and that those few sects not practicing it diverge from the mainstream … Taqiyya is very prevalent in Islamic politics, especially in the modern era.[i]
Taqiyya is often associated with the Shias because, as a minority group interspersed among their Sunni rivals, they have historically had more reason to dissemble. Today, however, Sunnis living in the West find themselves in the place of the Shia. Now they are the minority surrounded by their historic enemies — Western “infidels” — and so they too have plenty of occasion to employ taqiyya.
This is another reason why the Iran deal as bad as it is may be even worse since it is with a regime that routinely lies about its nuclear program.   Dr. Carson deserves credit for calling attention to this problem.


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