The Dem lawfare scam against Trump isn't working

 Athena Thorne:

The wheels of justice grind slow, but they grind exceedingly fine.

If you're like me, you may have been losing faith in the U.S. justice system, as it has been politicized, weaponized, and turned against Donald Trump and his supporters. But as time has passed, the cavalcade of bogus cases against the past and future president has been disintegrating like comets passing into the Earth's atmosphere. Let's begin with the most recent meltdown.

Alvin Bragg's Hush Trump trial

This case was already shaky and ripe for appeal. Not to bore you by rehashing what you already know, but among the major problems is the fact that no actual crime has been shown to have taken place and that Judge Juan Merchan allowed Stephanie Clifford to give copious prejudicial testimony that was unrelated to the weak charges. Then, on Monday, the prosecution's star witness, Michael Cohen, admitted that he stole $60,000 from the Trump organization. It's noteworthy that Cohen has not been charged or prosecuted for this theft by the Manhattan DA, but Bragg is prosecuting Trump for something much less criminal.

Now, it's possible that the jurors' hearts are so black with TDS that they will still come up with a conviction. But even if they do, Trump has already won this case in the court of public opinion. And any "conviction" Bragg and Merchan brew up won't last a hot minute on appeal.

Fani Willis's trumped-up RICO case

For all the hope Trump haters had pinned on this case late last year, it imploded in January when news came to light that Fulton County DA Fani Willis had been sleeping with the help — namely, the special prosecutor she had hired, Nathan Wade. In the hearing that followed, both Willis and Wade appeared to perjure themselves, even as they acknowledged the improper, clandestine relationship. Judge Scott McAfee ultimately sought to resolve the conflict of interest by forcing Wade to step down from Willis's team.

Now, Willis herself is being investigated by a Georgia State Senate special committee, which is delving into whether she misused taxpayer funds during her and Wade's spicy RICO case prep. Not only that, a Georgia appeals court has agreed to hear Trump's attorneys' request to remove her from the case.

As of now, it's anyone's guess whether Willis will be removed from this deeply flawed and conflicted case, which would likely fall apart without her malicious ministrations to keep it moving forward. At any rate, it won't be resolved before Trump is voted back into office in November.


These are all cases the Democrats not only deserve to lose but those who brought them should have to deal with ethics investigation.  What we are learning is that the Democrats who brought these cases are not intellectually sharp but have ethical problems of their own.  I think Merchan should also be investigated.

There are more bogus cases against Trump.  What they mostly show is that the Trump derangement syndrome is thick among some Democrats.  The paranoia of Democrats when it comes to Trump is telling about how Democrats have lost the ability to make rational arguments.


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