The Biden-Mayorkas mess at the border


Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appeared before lawmakers on Capitol Hill Wednesday as Congress considers 2025 budget requests from the executive branch, and Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) was ready to go when his time to ask the impeached Biden administration official some questions.

"It gives me no joy to say this, but most Republicans don't trust you," Sen. Kennedy said to Mayorkas. "A vast majority of the American people don't trust you — that's why you've been impeached," he reminded.

"Now, my Democratic colleagues are going to try and sweep your impeachment under the rug and violate 200 years of Senate precedent in doing it," continued Sen. Kennedy, referring to Senate Democrats' attempts to avoid proceeding with an official trial for Mayorkas following the House's impeachment of the DHS secretary. Acknowledging that his upper chamber colleagues across the aisle may succeed in sweeping the trial under the proverbial rug, Kennedy reminded that they still wouldn't succeed in hiding the larger issue of the Biden administration's self-inflicted border crisis.

"Again, it gives me no joy in saying this: I think well more than a majority of the American people think that as a result of your behavior and President Biden's behavior, our southern border is an open bleeding wound," Kennedy continued in his review of Mayorkas' dereliction of duty as the secretary squirmed in his seat. "I think they believe that our southern border is chaotic; I think a vast majority of the American people believe that a lot of it is political; I think a vast majority of the American people believe that it is chaotic by design and that all of this is intentional," he summarized.

"I think that a vast majority of the American people who don't trust you believe in legal immigration," noted Sen. Kennedy. "They don't believe in illegal immigration, and they think you do, and they think President Biden does — and they think that's why the border is open." Referring to the Biden administration's attempts to deny any crisis existed at the border only to reverse their position and say there are problems but there's nothing the president or DHS can do, Sen. Kennedy explained that many Americans think Mayorkas and Biden believe Americans are "stupid enough" to believe them when they say it's not their problem.

"Isn't it a fact, Mr. Secretary, that the number of illegal immigrants that you and the president allow into our country counts for congressional district reapportionment?" Sen. Kennedy asked.

Sen. Kennedy exposed the game the Biden administration is playing at the border.  It is part of their bad faith attempt to gain Democrat seats through legal immigration that they are using.  The best way to stop this abuse is to vote against Democrats.


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