Why liberals do not like to hear the term Western civilization

Daniel Henninger:
Progressives have an interest in ridiculing the Trump speech as a stalking horse for the heretofore obscure and microscopic alt-right because it deflects from their own political values—on view and in power the past eight years.

If there is one controlling Western idea developed across centuries in Europe, including by resort to war, it is that the individual person deserves formalized protection from the weight of arbitrary political authority, whether kings, clergy or dictators.
No more settled part of the West’s tradition exists than due process and presumption of innocence, which are embedded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Believing this Western tradition impeded sexual abuse allegations at colleges, the Obama Education Department issued “guidance” that reversed due process and legitimized the presumption of guilt.

Eventually, the “base” somehow intuited that a permanent reformulation of their political traditions was happening here.
In our time, the struggle is about an aggressive elevation of central authority over the smaller units of American life. The progressive Democrats are the new King George, ruling 50 postcolonial states from distant Washington. The “base” objects.
This is a good description of both the Trump base and the left in the US that wants to squash it.  Their visceral hate for all who disagree with their point of view has been on display ever since the election.
One of the reasons their attacks on Trump have not moved his base is that base feels their hate and will not do anything to empower those who would take away their freedom.


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