The Russian information warfare strategy

Bill Gertz:
Russian military forces are using information warfare tools to confront the United States, according to a new Defense Intelligence Agency report.

"Moscow's long-term goal is building a military prepared to conduct the range of conflicts from local war through regional conflict to a strategic conflict that could result in massive nuclear exchange," the 116-page report, "Russia Military Power," states.

The report was published last week and is the first of its kind since the 1980s, when the Reagan administration directed DIA to begin highlighting the strategic threat posed by the Soviet Union. Those reports were called "Soviet Military Power" and were published annually for more than a decade.

The latest report includes new information on Russian information warfare operations, including the cyber-enabled psychological warfare operations.

"Russia views the information sphere as a key domain for modern military conflict," the report said. "Information warfare is a key means of achieving its ambitions of becoming a dominant player on the world stage."

However, DIA points to Russian information operations against Ukraine, including the use of so-called "little green men"—Russian military special forces operating in the takeover of Crimea without Russian military insignia on their uniforms.

"little green men"

The report provides new details on Moscow's capabilities for conducting similar technical-cyber activities, including the use of private hacker groups, government-backed internet trolls, and automated computer "bots" capable of flooding websites with pro-Moscow propaganda.
There is more.

This seems like a more realistic threat assessment than the one most of the Democrats have been talking about since they lost the 2016 election.   The "little green men" strategy appears to be directed mostly toward states that border Russia that have weak defenses.  The misinformation campaign is more broadly based and poses a threat to any country not allied with the Putin regime.


  1. But, to counter this threat, the US military is trying to find ways to make trannies feel more comfortable in the US military. We'll show them Russkies! Duh.


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