Ted Cruz's plan for replacing Obamacare gaining support

Steve Berman:
The best path for getting Obamacare repealed may lie with Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, two conservative leaders whose plan gained key White House backing Sunday.

President Trump’s director of legislative affairs, Marc Short, appeared on Fox News Sunday, offering an olive branch to potentially remove Obamacare’s protections for pre-existing conditions. “We hope it’s part of the process of bringing everybody together,” Short said, alluding to Cruz’s “Consumer Choice” proposal.

“We support Senator Cruz and Senator Lee’s efforts,” Short said. “This is similar to efforts that transpired in the House, and we think it’s perfectly appropriate, his amendment.”
If the Senate gets serious about repealing Obamacare this summer, the effort may hinge on Cruz and Lee. If their plan fails to gain enough votes, then the president’s suggestion (finally) that the Senate simply repeal and replace later could be the fallback position.
The Cruz plan does away with some of the worst aspects of Obamacare and its counterproductive mandates.  It would make healthcare more affordable for most Americans and especially those in the individual market who have seen their pocketbooks slammed by the Democrat healthcare fiasco.


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