Stopping the liberals from killing the Texas economy

Washington Post:
Texas is at epicenter of an expanding red-state, blue-city divide

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, citing grave worries about “socialistic” behavior in the state’s liberal cities, has called a special session next month to consider a host of bills aimed at curtailing local power.
Liberals are the most destructive force on the US economy.  When you see what they have done to Detroit and Chicago, it is no wonder that people are wary of them and their bad policies.  They keep making the same mistakes thinking they will get different results.

One of their biggies that Texas cities are not immune to is underfunded overly generous pension plans.

Other aspects of their mendacity are plastic bag bans and attempting to block fracking.

While 80 percent of voters oppose sanctuary cities, liberals are all for them and they oppose the rule of law when it comes to immigration.  They view laws as a menu to pick and choose from rather than applicable to everyone.

Reining in the evils of liberalism is a big job, but Texas has been able to do so to date.  Stopping them from their self-destructive agenda is a service to humanity.


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