Port of Corpus Christi prospers from West Texas oil boom

NY Times:

Oil Exports, Once Illegal, Now Fuel a Texas Port Boom

Crude from West Texas shale fields is increasingly making its way abroad as a pipeline system is expanded to take it to market through Corpus Christi, Tex.
One of the reasons the light crude is being exported is a lack of refinery capacity to handle it in the US.  Most of the refineries are set up for the heavy crude that was imported from the Middle East and Venezuela.  

The US really needs to develop the refining capacity for the light crude being produced.  It would help stabilize the price of oil and also make the US more energy independent.  I am surprised that the Department of Energy has not done more to encourage the refining of the light crude.

Corpus Christi is a more convenient port than sending this crude to the Port of Houston which is already pretty busy.


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