Outside the beltway the Russia conspiracy theories are not moving voters

Washington Times:
With new revelations every week, the Russian election meddling story has made Washington dizzy for months, but pollsters in swing states are having a hard time seeing its impact beyond the Beltway — leaving forecasters of the midterm elections torn over the story’s potential impact.

“There is some bubble syndrome,” pollster Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon Polling and Research told The Washington Times.

Mr. Coker’s firm conducted significant polling in swing states during election season last year. Like other leading public opinion professionals, he argues that the murkiness of Russian activity and the lack of a clear “smoking gun” have not convinced voters far from the nation’s capital — especially the unaffiliated.

But pollsters also note that history favors Democrats — at least in the House of Representatives.
The pollsters have been notoriously bad at finding Trump voters so it is hard to gauge how effective they were with this one too.


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