Liberal fascism turns loose it brown shirts to create mob action in Europe

Caleb Howe:
It is a curious feature of the left that they are the most fervent and the most certain when asking you to disbelieve that which you can plainly see with your eyes, and to believe that which you manifestly cannot. So it is that you are not to believe there is a violent form of Islam in the world, and likewise you must take their word for it that climate armageddon is lurking just the day after tomorrow. And it is why they ask if you would be so kind as to disregard the destruction in Hamburg, Germany that attends the G20 summit this year.

There is a violent side to leftism that they deny, as there is a violent side of the right that is also denied. In the case of the left, and especially with regard to the GXX summits, it’s practically a holiday tradition. Rioting, angry protests, roads blocked, cars set on fire, graffiti sprayed, glass broken, fa la la la la, lah la la la.

But you mustn’t say so, because the left isn’t violent or extreme. Just like you mustn’t point out that Linda Sarsour was knowing and deliberate in her word choice last week, hoping not only for the reaction that she got (anger on the right, knee-jerk defense of her from the left) but also in service of her stated goal of integrating Islamic ideals like sharia and jihad into acceptable Western norms.

You can’t talk about that. If you do, you’re a bigot. (Or maybe you hate women, or perhaps, somehow, you just don’t want to hear from African Americans and therefore reject this foreign non-black woman’s backward religious beliefs? It gets confusing.) Sarsour can’t be bad or wrong because she’s a minority victim. And Hamburg can’t be on fire, because leftists aren’t violent.

Who are you going to believe? Your liberal betters, or your lying eyes?
There is more.

The Hamburg destruction is a product of the anti-capitalist left.  It is the same mob that shows up for every G-20 meeting to flout their impotence.  No doubt they are wearing clothes and shoes that were made by capitalists.  Why the left embraces Sarsour and her ilk is still a puzzle.  She is just using them as a front for her real agenda of imposing radical Islam on the whole world.  It takes willful blindness by those who embrace her cause to ignore the threat she poses to them and to freedom.


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