Germany underestimates the violent anarchists and anti-capitalists

Daily Mail:
A second night of rioting has left the German city of Hamburg resembling a warzone, with cars and buildings set alight, businesses looted and police attacked with petrol bombs.

It happened as leaders of the world's biggest economies meet for the G20 summit.

Nearly 200 police have been injured in two nights of clashes, officials have revealed, and authorities say around 10,000 thugs were involved in last night's chaos.

A 27-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after allegedly using a laser pointer to try and blind the pilots of a police helicopter.

Yesterday police bosses in Hamburg were forced to admit they have been overwhelmed, and requested reinforcements. Thousands of officers from across Germany have flooded the city's streets, and were pelted with Molotov cocktails and targeted with lasers last night.

Police say riots were extremely violent in the early hours of this morning in the city's Schanzenviertel neighborhood.

The fires burned across the city as the world leaders attending the G20 conference spent the evening listening to Beethoven's 9th Symphony and dining in style.
Hundreds of officers went into buildings to arrest rioters while being attacked with iron rods and Molotov cocktails thrown from the roofs.
Thirteen activists were arrested when special units stormed one building.

Some 500 people looted a supermarket in the neighbourhood as well as smaller stores. Cars were torched, street fires lit as activists built barricades with rubbish bins and bikes.

Some looters could be seen with baskets, filled to the brim with bottles of alcohol.
There is more including numerous pictures of the damage done by the thugs.  Click on the link above to see them.

While these riots at the gathering of the G-20 have become somewhat routine, this may be one of the worst and the Germans should have done a better job of planning to contain the rioters.  They needed a substantially larger police presence to have an effective force to space ratio that would make it more difficult for the bad guys to act out.


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