Another media conspiracy theory to get Trump unravels

Kurt Schlichter:
... The Menscian media is in a spazz yet again.

Boy oh boy, maybe this time we can overturn the results of the election…

And I admit I almost didn't think it could happen, but things have gotten stupider. Somehow the media and their enablers decided that the worst thing in the world is for someone to be willing to hear negative information about a political opponent from a foreign government, which wasn't a bad thing until Trump’s son tried it unsuccessfully. Apparently Putin’s cunning spies work through chunky music industry gadflies and third-tier lawyers and don’t actually have any dirt to give. Who knew?

But hey, collusion or something. Whatever.

It’s almost pointless to mention the actions of Hillary Clinton's cats paws regarding Paul Manafort and the Ukrainian government, or further back, Ted Kennedy’s anti-Reagan conspiracy, because neither counts as this is all posturing and lies. If Hillary thought Lenin’s embalmed corpse could have provided dirt on Trump, she’d have been in Red Square doing CPR.

Surprise! This stupidity drops right after Trump crushes it with a speech in Poland and right after James Integrity Boy Comey was revealed to have been playing the kind of classified materials games he let Clinton slide on.
It’s all about liberals retaking power and trying to make sure we normals never get a say in our own governance again. Make no mistake, there are plenty of nominal Republicans who would be happy for that to happen. According to David Brooks, we peasants lack sufficient sandwich savvy for self determination.

None of this is about right and wrong. It's about power - their power, and ensuring we have none.
Do you think this latest nonsense is going to stop Trump, by which I mean the people who support him? Do you think the normal people in America are thinking “Gosh, a campaign tried to get negative information about its opponent? I'm shocked and stunned and emotionally ruined. I don't know where to turn or what to do. I guess I better support a bunch of liberal fascists who want to take my money and my power and my guns and who boo God.”
It is so much harder for liberals in the media to dominate the narrative long term because too many conservatives fight back against their aggression.  This story where they thought they really had something is fizzling fast and again they have nothing but their impeachment fantasies to fall back on


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