Alaska would not be a 'smart' target for North Korea

NY Times:

Alaska Looks at a Nuclear Threat, and Shrugs It Off

News about a North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile is largely met with fatalism in Alaska, home to many on active duty in the military and military veterans.
While there are some military bases in Alaska of some strategic value in a war with North Korea, none are as important as the ones in Japan, South Korea, and Guam.  Hawaii would probably also be a more important target because of its naval presence in the Pacific.

I sense that the North Korean bombast is aimed mainly at mass casualty attacks and Alaska is too sparsely populated in that regard.  I suspect they would love to hit US West Coast cities from Seattle down to San Diego.  If they have the range they would also target New York City and Washington D.C.   It is tragic that most the voters in those cities supported Democrats who opposed the development of a missile defense system and have pushed a full defense far into the future.


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