Nano UAVs ordered by Brits for use in Afghanistan has the story of the tiny chopper that would easily fit in your pocket.  The wings are snapped own when its is to be used.
The device selected is the PD-100 Personal Reconnaissance System and comes packaged inside a base station that holds three UAVs and weighs less than kilo. The idea is: an operator can fly one of these UAVs into a building to identify civilians, terrorists, IEDs or other threats.It’s still early days for this technology and although the MoD contract specifies Night Vision this is yet to be featured on the PD-100. However, GPS navigation and a live-video feed in a matchbox-sized package is impressive, and it’s only a matter of time before these are able to see in the dark. Odds are they’re going to get even smaller, not to mention that basic reconnaissance is just the beginning. I’ll wager we’ll eventually see miniature payloads for tracking or listening devices, and maybe even a Mossad-style chemical injection weapon for a standoff offensive capability. Yeah, large unmanned platforms have been the focus for development over the last decade, but expect to hear a lot more about nano-UAVs.
There is a photo showing the tiny chopper in use, flying into a building to look around before the troops go inside.  I think our troops would be interested in these little guys too.


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