Obama's small car loser

Henry Payne:
Since lecturing Detroit automakers as a candidate in 2007, Obama has fashioned himself an expert on what Americans want in an automobile. His choice of Fiat was inspired by the chance to bring the company’s tiny, 40 mpg 500 to the States. Never mind that gas prices in Europe are $8 a gallon. Or that Americans drive longer distances. Or that Europeans demand smaller cars for narrower streets. 
The One knows autos. 
In March of 2009, Obama initially denied Chrysler bailout funds unless its business plan included more small cars. The president’s auto task force urged the Chrysler-Fiat alliance saying it “has the potential to address some of these problems and provide Chrysler with a path to viability. A Chrysler/Fiat alliance could lead to Chrysler manufacturing fuel-efficient vehicles using Fiat’s technology.” 
Fast forward two years and 500 sales have a flat. Meanwhile, Americans are gobbling up Chrysler SUVs — in defiance of Obama’s Euro-path for the company — and fueling the automaker’s resurgence. 
In October, Chrysler Jeep truck brand sold 35,000 vehicles (with fat $5,000 profit margins) as the company posted a $200 million third-quarter profit. The Fiat 500 sold just 2,000 copies.
The Fiat 500 is more evidence that — like Solyndra and windmills — Obama’s fascination with Europe has little to do with facts and everything to do with ideology. Obama is determined to convert Americans to the Green Church, but they aren’t buying.
I wonder why he did not buy one for his family when he leaves office.  At least it would have shown some commitment to his bad ideas.   Actually many much larger gars get that kind of mileage, including several in he Ford fleet as well as the Chevy Cruz.  If you are willing to go for a diesel you can get even better mileage.

As bad as the Fiat fiasco is, the electric car business is even worse.  The glorified golf carts are not selling in volume either.


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