The Obama-Daschle plan to regulate health care

Tony Blankley:

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The theory behind regulated industries is that the market is not working in a "fair" way. Transportation was one of the first areas that came under regulation. Train companies found that they could charge a lower rate on the last cars added. This led to pricing issues between those who got their freight on board first and those who got it last. There were also issues about predatory pricing to run competitors out of business. The Texas Railroad Commission was set up to deal with these and other problems as a Federal program for interstate transportation.

From there other regulatory agencies developed. Some better than others. The SEC has been one of the better ones over its life span.

The reasons for regulating health care are not readily apparent to me. I guess I just do not know the people that tell their sob stories to the Congress. Health insurance has distorted the free market and driven up the cost of health care. That is why I favor health savings accounts to solve the "problem" that does exist.

Regulation will stifle freedom and innovation and lead to rationed health care. That would be worse than what we have now. David Broder, on the other hand, is all for this kind of change.


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