Attacks were ploy to wreck Obama strategy?


Relations between India and Pakistan were on a knife edge last night amid fears that Delhi’s response to the Mumbai attacks could undermine the Pakistani army’s campaign against Islamic militants on the frontier with Afghanistan.

Officials and analysts in the region believe that last week’s atrocities were designed to provoke a crisis, or even a war, between the nuclear-armed neighbours, diverting Islamabad’s attention from extremism in tribal areas bordering Afghanistan and thus relieving pressure on al-Qaeda, Taleban and other militants based there.

One analyst even described the attacks as a “pre-emptive strike” against Barack Obama’s strategy to put Pakistan and Afghanistan at the centre of US foreign policy.


Oh come on. The attacks have been planned for over a year. A year ago Obama was not even leading the Democrat primary. It makes more sense that the attacks were meant to relieve pressure against the Taliban and al Qaeda. It is going to be hard for the media to comprehend, but everyone else in the world is not as Obama centric as they are.


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