Owner returns to only surviving house in Gilchrist

Houston Chronicle:

There's a new landmark in Gilchrist, one of the towns on Bolivar Peninsula that Hurricane Ike ravaged and left for dead. The fire station is gone. The post office is gone. Every structure on the gulf side of this tight-knit community is gone.

Except for one house.

Standing tall, as if in defiance of Ike's windy, watery wrath, is the home of Pam and Warren Adams, who built the place in 2005 after Hurricane Rita destroyed their older home on the same lot.

On Friday, the first day many residents were allowed back on the peninsula, the couple returned to their Church Street home, ready to help and hug the neighbors whose homes no longer stood with theirs.

"I think I'm going through survivor's guilt," Pam Adams said. "But the fact that the house is standing, that it survived, is awesome. Gilchrist is still here. It's faith and hopefulness."


The photo of this house which accompanies the story has been seen around the world and was posted on this blog shortly after Ike passed through the area. That post has been linked by numerous sites. There was so much interest in the house, I thought readers would like to see a little about its owners.


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