Chavez wants to go nuclear


President Hugo Chavez said on Sunday Venezuela will develop a nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes, in another challenge to Washington just days after Russia offered nuclear assistance to the socialist Latin American leader.

"In Venezuela we are interested in development of nuclear energy, of course for peaceful purposes, for medical purposes, for purposes of electricity generation," Chavez said at a political rally.

"Brazil has various nuclear reactors, so does Argentina. We will have ours."

Chavez noted that Venezuela, which is a member of the oil-producing cartel OPEC, developed a nuclear reactor decades ago but abandoned it under pressure from the United States.

He said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had offered help with a reactor, adding that "we already have a commission working on this issue."


Chavez seems to be well on his way to blowing the windfall oil profits so why not waste it on nuclear energy that Venezuela does not need. Perhaps he can invest the proceeds of whatever he is getting from the narco terrorist for helping them ship dope out of Colombia to West African and Europe. Russia will probably help them finance it too.


  1. This goes to the core of why nuclear power is a loser. Nevermind that it's "benefits" as a means of supplanting fossil fuels are exaggerations at best. "Nukes" equal nuclear weapons. Period. To pretend that they don't is to stick your head in the sand. The "peaceful" nuke is something that the industry has clung to for over a half a century, and it's still a lie. The lie has another new face. Add Chavez to the list after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il...

  2. chavez has the democratic backing of his people and many around the world including myself and many in australia. i'm not entirely sure why or how you draw your conclusions. i speculate you do not experience a diverse exposure to media???

    might i suggest you consider a serious look at all the impartial observers that have over seen venezuelas elections and just suck it up lads. feed your own nation 1st, get a socialised medical system, introduce a dole/(decent)social security system a pension and compensate your communist party for all the nasty crap you did to them. then throw some stones from your glass house.

    oh and fix new orleans for gods sake....what are you guys out of money or something?.....sounds like the old ussr to me?????? bridges falling down, panes falling from the sky, pipes under new york blowing there lid, buying out goes on!!!!!


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