Liberal Fascism--objection to NY Times Kristol column

The Politico:

The New York Times’ hiring of Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol to write for its op-ed page caused a frenzy in the liberal blogosphere Friday night, with threats of canceling subscriptions and claims that the Gray Lady had been hijacked by neo-cons

But Times editorial page editor Andy Rosenthal sees things differently.

Rosenthal told Politico shortly after the official announcement Saturday that he fails to understand “this weird fear of opposing views.”

“The idea that The New York Times is giving voice to a guy who is a serious, respected conservative intellectual — and somehow that’s a bad thing,” Rosenthal added. “How intolerant is that?”

Kristol, whose strident support of President Bush and the war in Iraq remains a source of consternation among liberals, took pride in the reaction on the Huffington Post, where the news first broke.

“I was flattered watching blogosphere heads explode,” Kristol told Politico. “It was kind of amusing.”

This is a great example of liberal fascism. They object to any public voice for conservative views. It is why liberals are so upset about Fox News. They do not want conservatives to have any voice to counter their arguments. It tells you something about the weakness of their arguments and the insecurity of their position on issues.

Captain Ed points out "Oh, my stars and garters! The Times will have two conservative columnists -- or in terms of quantity, one and a half! How can the Left hope to compete -- with Maureen Dowd, Paul Krugman, Bob Herbert, Frank Rich, and Nicholas Kristof?" Indeed. Liberalism is in deep trouble.


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