The Undocumented Texans of the Year

Dallas Morning News:

He breaks the law by his very presence. He hustles to do hard work many Americans won't, at least not at the low wages he accepts. The American consumer economy depends on him. America as we have known it for generations may not survive him.

We can't seem to live with him and his family, and if we can live without him, nobody's figured out how.

He's the Illegal Immigrant, and he's the 2007 Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year – for better or for worse. Given the public mood, there seems to be little middle ground in debate over illegal immigrants. Spectacular fights over their presence broke out across Texas this year, adding to the national pressure cooker as only Texas can.


The fight is really over the rule of law. If you don't think it is important to enforce immigration laws you can agree with the Dallas Morning News. There is a false premeise in the depate over immigration that does need to be addressed. There are many of us who support expanding legal immigration and who empathy for those who want to come here and work hard at whatever job they can get. But we want to government to be in control of the process, which means that those who come here illegally must not be rewarded for ignoring the law. There is already a path to citizenship called an application made while you are still in your home country. It is a process that is woefully understaffed which leads to some natural impatience, but it is not an excuse for letting others cut in line ahead of those who do it the right way.

Jules Crittenden
notes, "... The Illegal Immigrant should be the Texan of the Year if Texans are too lazy to mix their own margaritas, cook their own enchiladas, mow their own lawns and clean their own houses. This bloviatory salute makes a pretense at evenhandedness, but pretty much falls back on the Noble Illegal Immigrant argument, huddling masses, etc. " He has much more.


  1. The Dallas Morning News Editorial Board is doing exactly what it is paid, and was chosen, to do--write editorials that go along with what the business community in Dallas wants. And these guys want, sorry, that's politically incorrect, rather they want "cheap" labor. The Dallas business community and its puppet the Morning News Editorial Board could care a less about enforcing laws when it comes to fulfilling the community's labor needs.


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