Osama to posture before the tape recorder again


Al-Qaida's media wing said Monday it will soon release a new message from Osama bin Laden. It said the message will be addressed to European countries, but did not elaborate.


"Soon, if God allows, the lion sheik Osama bin Laden, may God protect him, (will give) a message to the European nations," it said.

The militant Web site carrying as-Sahab's announcement urged Islamic militants to advertise bin Laden's new message to Western sites to "give them the unseen truth of their failed war."


The message did not indicate why Osama would be doing a Harry Reed imitation, nor did it say why Osama was not giving a public presentation in Baghdad or Kabal to celebrate al Qaeda's "win." I suspect it is the same reason he still cowers behind the tape machine. If he is focusing on the Euros it is probably a vain attempt to peal them off from the coalition in Afghanistan.


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