More plants at CNN YouTube debate

Michele Malkin has a roundup of the yo-yo Dems who were allowed to ask questions at the Republican debate. It pretty much confirms the original suspicions of those who thought the format was a bad idea. Besides Hillary's gay general, there was a John Edwards supporter who has her on you tube piece wearing an Edwards shirt, an Obama supporter who says he is a Log Cabin Republican, a United Steele Worker whose union has endorsed Edwards. There is much more with links to their previous vids.

James Joyner ask "So What?" at about the gay general's affiliation, and posts comments from those who thought it was a "powerful moment." I disagree. Gays in the military are not important enough to waste time at a presidential debate. At most the issue effects a minority of gays who make up a small minority of the public. It obviously was not an issue that prevented the questioner from spending a life time in the military.

Gateway Pundit has more on the Dem Youtubers questioning GOP candidates.

Perhaps this is why more than 60 percent don't trust campaign coverage.


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