CNN's debate performance

Kate Phillips and Ariel Alexovich at the NY Times Blog Talk do a good job of summarizing the complaints lodged by bloggers against CNN's performance.

Some of bloggers they report on suggested punitive measures against some of the people at CNN or the network itself. I don't think that is necessary. They have damaged their reputation enough that the market for news will decide what will happen to them.

CNN has been in a steep free fall for a decade and this event is not going to change that trend. If anything it just confirms the judgment of many news consumers. Perhaps they can get Dan Rather to do some consultation for them on improving their image for fairness.

I do have a hint for CNN. If you are going to use ringers, disclose it up front and people can make their own judgment as to the fairness of the question. I do thin the segment of the population that thinks gays in the military don't ask don't tell is important is pretty small. As for the battle flag of a failed rebellion both sides of the controversy are investing far too much emotion in this symbol of failure.


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