The Trump 'suggestions'

NY Times:
Donald J. Trump shows contempt for the First Amendment, separation of powers and the rule of law, scholars across the political spectrum say.
Trump is like a lot of liberals in that regard.  As one of the posts below points out California has a bill pending that will outlaw descent from "climate change" orthodoxy.  Anti-Trump activists, i.e. a political mob denied Trump supporters the right for peaceful assembly in San Jose, California literally physically attacking those who supported Trump.  These are two cases where liberals are showing actual contempt for the 1st amendment rights of others, and it does not merit a headline on the front page of the Times.

I am no defender of Trump much less a supporter.  But I am a supporter of the 1st Amendment regardless of ideology or ideas.  I do get the impression that Trump's tough talk is somewhere between an opening bid in a negotiation and a bluff.  It is one of the reasons I tend to see him more as a conman.


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