Islamic terror attack at Orlando gay club kills 50

NY Times:

At least 20 people were killed and 42 were injured after a gunman opened fire inside an Orlando nightclub about 2 a.m., the police said.

The gunman, who was found dead inside the club, was not from the area and was organized and well-prepared, they said.
The shooter used an "assault" rifle and also had a handgun.  The attack took place at a gay night club.  The shooter was shot and killed by a SWAT unit.  Police have not said whether it was a domestic or international terror strike at this point.

Update:  The Daily Mail has identified the shooter as an Islamic extremists.

Update II:  There is an Omar Mateen listed on the St. Lucie County Florida voter registration rolls as a Democrat.  That is the name of the shooter as given by law enforcment.


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