Strong majority of voters do not like Trump

Leon Wolf:
ABC and the Washington Post have just released a poll, and it is remarkable just how much virtually the entire country hates Donald Trump. Sure, Hillary Clinton is unpopular, but Trump is hated - by enormous, overwhelming, and completely unprecedented amounts.

Overall, 70% of Americans view Trump unfavorably, which is remarkable in and of itself, but even more remarkable is the fact that 56% of Americans have a view of Trump that is "strongly unfavorable." Just in case you are wondering, "strongly unfavorable" is code for "will never, ever vote for."

Literally every group in America dislikes Trump. The last holdout in previous polls was white voters without a college education, who viewed him slightly favorably in the last ABC/WaPo poll. In May's poll, these voters had a +14 favorable view of Trump, now they have a -7 unfavorable view of Trump.

Every other group in America despises Trump much, much worse. He has a -38 favorability rating among independents. He has a -54 favorability rating among women. He has an absolutely astounding (but not surprising) -78 rating among Hispanics... and -20 favorability rating among whites. Voters of every income strata dislike Trump by at least -30%. There are also increasing signs that Trump's unity bounce is good and over....
Trump and the media are also engaged in a mutual hate fest.  During the primaries the media would report mostly uncritically on his insult campaigns.  Now they are either eviscerating the insult campaign or ignoring it.  Ted Cruz's predictions about the media treatment are coming true in spades.

The only thing Trump has going for him is that Hillary Clinton is also disliked, but Democrats seem more willing to stick with their unpopular candidate.  While Trump is sinking in the polls, Hillary Clinton is not gaining support.  She is still at about 44 percent.

As Wolf says elsewhere, Trump is who we thought he was.


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