State Department was clueless about Hillary Clinton's secret email account?

Washington Times:
Even after the now-infamous photo of Hillary Clinton using a BlackBerry device appeared, the State Department didn’t try to figure out why none of her emails was showing up in their systems, a top official said in testimony released Thursday.

Karin Lang, the department’s designated expert on Mrs. Clinton’s email, said Clarence Finney, who ran the records office at the time, did ask Mrs. Clinton whether she was using an official account. When told she wasn’t, he let the issue drop rather than inquire about what account she was using and whether it was involved in official business, Ms. Lang testified.

“He did not see a direct connection between the photo and [open records] requests for Mrs. Clinton’s emails,” Ms. Lang said in testimony taken Wednesday and released Thursday by Judicial Watch.

Ms. Lang said the State Department never asked Mrs. Clinton to search her emails because the staffers in charge of handling open records requests never knew of her secret account. Meanwhile, her top aides who did know never got involved in the process — despite being alerted to questions surrounding her curious email practices.

Ms. Lang also punctured Mrs. Clinton’s excuse for her secret email, saying that even if the former secretary had forwarded all of her emails to a State Department staffer, they would have been hidden from the public because nobody would have known where to look for them.
There was poor management at the top of the State Department compounded by ineptness and inertia.  Clinton should be held accountable for the lack of management and it raises serious questions about her competence to act as chief executive.


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