Palestinian mass murderers attack in Tel Aviv

Fox News:
At least four people were killed in a shooting in central Tel Aviv Wednesday that police are describing as aimed against Israelis.

A Fox News producer in Jerusalem confirmed the death toll and said five others who were wounded are in severe condition.

The attack took place around 10 p.m. local time in an upscale area of cafes and restaurants near the central military headquarters and Defense Ministry compound.

The two attackers were described to Fox News as Palestinian cousins from Yata in the Hebron area of the West Bank who were known to Israeli authorities. The two attackers were both dressed as Orthodox Jews, a law enforcement source told Fox News.

One of the suspects was shot by police, while the other one was captured by authorities, Israeli Police Spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld told Fox News. The suspect shot by police is in moderate condition at a nearby hospital, according to Rosenfeld.
Channel 10 cited witnesses as saying the two attackers were dressed in suits and ties and spent time in a nearby restaurant, sitting at the bar, before the attack. It showed footage of police forensic teams dressed in white suits examining items in restaurants at the scene.

Police told Reuters that Israelis were the focus of the attack.
Fox has video believed to be of the police shooting at the terrorists.  Those who support the Palestinians must condemn these mass murder attacks and quit making excuses for the Palestinian conduct.


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