Media defends anti capitalist intellectual light weight Warren

Washington Post:
Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ attack leaves GOP squirming again

The real estate developer has repeatedly invoked the 17th-century Native American figure to refer to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, alarming some Republican lawmakers just as the furor over his barbs about a Latino judge was starting to subside.
While I generally disdain Trump's use of insulting nick names, Warren has earned hers.  She is an anti capitalists who lacks a basic understanding of economics and would impose onerous regulations on those she deems as evil.  She gamed the system at Harvard to get on the faculty as a minority with zero proof beyond her cheekbones and an alleged family lore.  She si a liberal with no intellectual heft.

I am not squirming.  Her claim to be a native American is in doubt and is not similar to Trump's disrespect for a judge based on his Mexican parents.  The Post should at least highlight the questionable nature of her claim.


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