Hillary Clinton's email story is as questionable as the Trump U story

Washington Times:
Hillary Clinton’s chief defense of her email behavior is that she tried to forward her messages so they were captured by the State Department — but a Washington Times analysis found she clearly did that only a quarter of the time when she was corresponding with someone outside the department.

More often than not, when Mrs. Clinton was exchanging thoughts or policy memos with outsiders, their correspondence ended up in the digital black hole of her secret email system and were never forwarded to anyone else in the State Department.

Although dozens of her top aides knew about her private email, they kept it secret from the State Department office charged with handling open records requests, meaning those staffers didn’t know how to find her messages — effectively shielding them from public view for nearly six years.

Mrs. Clinton, who is now the top candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, has said it was a mistake to use the secret system, but she and her defenders say she made a point of trying to email other people on official state.gov addresses, figuring the messages would at least be stored by the government, which would fulfill her legal obligations as secretary of state.
An analysis of 200 messages Mrs. Clinton sent to outsiders found only 51 that were clearly forwarded to a state.gov account, another 131 that were not forwarded, and the rest were unclear, based on the addresses involved.

Mr. Fallon questioned The Times’ sample and said the findings were “inaccurate.”

Messages Mrs. Clinton exchanged with outsiders, and which never got captured in the State Department system, included correspondence with U.S. senators, top White House officials and special advisers.

One message that she sent to a private email account with the subject line “SYRIA TODAY (SUNDAY 7/22)” was later labeled by the State Department as classified because it contained foreign relations or foreign activities of the United States, including confidential sources.
There is more.

Clinton is attacking some of the recent disclosures about Trump U but she has her own issues that she is silent about and is not holding any more press converences to discuss them.


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