Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both right about the other being unfit for Presidency

NY Times:
The two presumptive nominees sought to rev up their core supporters by previewing the arguments they will make over the next five months.
They are both dishonest, and lack the skills needed for the job.

Hillary Clinton has shown no management skills and an inability to comprehend the handling of classified materials.  She allows her paranoia's to override basic common sense and then claims her polices are "common sense solutions."  She lies without conscience.

Trump is also a sloppy thinker who contradicts himself and then denies he actual said the things he is contradicting.  He constantly confuses insults with logical arguments.  When questioned he can drift into incoherent ramblings searching for an answer.

They are both unqualified and either would be a terrible choice for President.  The two parties are reduced to having to support either of them in order to gain some of the power of the office.


  1. I would still like Trump better than Killary death is not a problem with her!!


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