Clinton took donations from countries that abuse gays

Washington Examiner:
Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump called Tuesday for rival Hillary Clinton to give back millions of dollars she accepted from countries that oppress women.

"Here's a woman that takes all of this money from these countries and then she says she loves women," Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity.

"How can she be — they wanna kill, they throw them off buildings. They actually throw gays off buildings and she's taking money and I'm calling for her to give back all of the money she's taken form these countries," Trump said.

The former secretary of state has received approximately $30 million from Saudia Arabia, Qatar and Brunei, Hannity reported. The trio of nations have various restrictions against women, including not being able to drive and vote.
My prediction is that the rest of media will ignore this and focus instead on Clinton's anti gun agenda.


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