Climate accords a recipe for poverty and death

Climate accord 'irrelevant,' and CO2 cuts could impoverish the world: Scientist

In peer-reviewed research, Kelly argued carbon dioxide should be considered the byproduct of the "immense benefits" of a technologically advanced society. Cutting carbon, he added, could result in a dramatic reduction in the world's quality of life that would usher in mass starvation, poverty and civil strife. Massive decarbonization is "only possible if we wish to see large parts of the population die from starvation, destitution or violence in the absence of enough low-carbon energy to sustain society."

COP21 "will be an irrelevance within a few years," Kelly said to CNBC via email, "as the the bills pile up, and ... the promises are reneged upon."
It appears the climate change crusade has devolved into competing predictions of doom.  I think Kelly is closer to the mark just based on what the history of the world was before fossil fuels came into greater use.


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