100,000 flee Russian oppression in Crimea

Sunday Telegraph:
Russia's occupation of Crimea has caused about 100,000 people to flee the territory - twice as many as had been thought - according to new figures compiled by a Ukrainian charity.

The number of fugitives has jumped in the last two months because of "worsening repression".

From the moment that Russian troops fanned out across Crimea and seized the region from Ukraine in March 2014, those who were unwilling to accept the Kremlin's rule began to leave. Most settled elsewhere in Ukraine, including the capital, Kiev.

New evidence suggests this exodus was significantly larger than had been thought. About 21,000 people from Crimea are officially registered in Ukraine as "internally displaced", but many more are known to be undocumented.
But Tamila Tasheva, the co-founder and coordinator of Crimea SOS, a Ukrainian charity, said the real figure was as high as 100,000. "There are more and more people leaving Crimea as the repression becomes worse," she said. "Our offices are full of requests and applications for help for people and their children."
As for why this is taking place, campaigners point to Russia's escalating campaign against dissent. Arrests and unexplained disappearances have become routine in Crimea. No-one is regarded with greater suspicion than the Tatar minority, a 230,000-strong community viewed as the original inhabitants of the territory.
There is more.

Stalin deported many of the Tartars from the region in 1944 and they were not allowed to return until Gorbachev  did so the 1980's.  The pace of the departures has increased in recent months.


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