Nebraska senator says third choice is needed

Washington Examiner:
Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse lit up Twitter for the second time in 24 hours Wednesday night in a rant against presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and the GOP that backs him.

It started with Sasse jokingly asking if the GOP's tweet thanking the entire Republican field for a "hard fought race" was sent from a "parody account"?

The first-term Tea Party senator said GOP politicos have attempted to reach out to him since his Tuesday rant that Trump and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton are both dishonest people.
The GOP establishment continues to disappoint.  Sasse has been an exception.   I recently made a similar point in a post.
Trump won through an aggressive use of the politics of fraud mixed with childish insults that cheapened the contest. This is not just about Cruz, who I came to support. It is about rejecting a dishonest political campaign. I have always thought Bill Clinton was a master of the politics of fraud, but he was much more subtle than Trump. Most of his fraudulent statements had some degree of plausibility. Trump's do not rise to that level.

In the process, he has created a level of distrust, that cannot be smooth over by attacking Hillary Clinton. Hillary is a dishonest person too. I could never vote for her, but that does not mean I will vote for another person who is dishonest either.
Sasse appears to be a better person than either of the potential nominees.

Politico reports that a majority of GOP insiders are yet to commit to voting for Trump.


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