Voters who do not want amnesty for aliens complicate NY Times plans

The Editorial Board of the NY Times is upset with Republican senators who are running for President because they are responding to voters who oppose the amnesty provisions of the "comprehensive" immigration reform bills that liberals are trying to pass.

It is funny to watch the Times argue this issue and take the opposite side it takes on the war issue where it wants Republicans to put their principals aside and agree to lose the war with the Democrats. What McCain is doing is showing that the immigration issue is one that is not as important to him as winning the war is.

The NY Times shows how out of touch it is on the issue by treating amnesty as a side show when it is the most important concern for millions of voters. Their concern is not irrational since amnesty has been tried before and it resulted in a significant increase of illegal immigrations. A cynical person might think the NY Times is just trying to come up with a way to expand the shrinking Democrat voter base.


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