Sandmonkey surfaces for interview

The Egyptian blogger Ranting of a Sandmonkey has shut down his blog, because of pressure from the government, but Atlas Shrugs snagged an interview with him recently:


SANDMONKEY: "Any kind of democratic reform in the country [Egypt] for the past 3 years has been rolled back specifically because there is no more pressure coming from Washington anymore."

ATLAS: Why? What happened to the pressure in Washington?

SANDMONKEY: You know what happened to the pressure in Washington. The Democrats won the Congress. There is no more pressure coming from Bush because he is not able to push people anymore to do those things. He is not able to push the Egyptian government anymore because the American public is suddenly not interested in reforming the Middle East because of what's going on in the Iraq. So suddenly the Egyptian government is not afraid of the American pressure. They are doing whatever they want to do. They are beating up demonstrators, they are cracking down on activists, they are changing the constitution, and eroding civil liberties once and for all and they are using proxies to take down bloggers.


It is sad to see how Democrats have thwarted the freedom agenda around the world with their craven cowardice. The Sandmonkey was linked here on occasion because he was a voice of common sense coming out of the middle east. There is more to this interview that is worth reading. (Hat tip to Larwyn.)

There is more on the flight of the Sandmonkey at Gateway Pundit.


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