South Korea and Japan not getting along in dealing with treat from the Norks

Washington Post:
In blow to U.S. security interests, South Korea axes pact to share intelligence with Japan

The United States had urged the allies to settle their differences, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stressing their “incredibly important” cooperation on North Korea.
The South Koreans should be allied with Japan in dealing with the North Korean threat.  However, in South Korea, there is still some animosity toward Japan for the cruel treatment by Japan during World War II. 

During the Korean war when the US was trying to turn back the North Korean invasion it had to rely on Japanese interpreters to communicate sine there were too few Korean speakers in the military. 

Both countries have been post-war success stories.  It took South Korea a little longer but it is now one of the more dynamic economies in the world and it makes high-quality cars and appliances.  Its economy is probably stronger than that of Russia today.


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