Democrats crazy policies will help Trump

Erick Erickson:
Yes the President’s Behavior is Abnormal. But the Democrats’ Policies are Bat Crap Crazy.

I'd rather a President who wants to build a big beautiful wall than a Democrat who pretends there is no problem at the border.I'd rather a President who moves our embassy to Jerusalem than a Democrat who'd put one in Havana.I'd rather a President who imposes tariffs than a Democrat who wants to ban paper straws, plastic bags, and human consumption of cows while imposing a carbon tax.I'd rather a President who makes it difficult every day to support him than a Democrat who would make it difficult for a person of faith to exercise their religion in their work and daily life.The President may be nuts in his behavior, but I'll take his crazy over the insanity the Democrats who unleash on the United States.
There is more.

I think that much of Trump's "abnormal" behavior is his deliberate trolling of the Democrats and the media that seems to be exposing the Democrat craziness in ways they are not used to.   Meanwhile, I have gone from a reluctant Trump supporter in 2016 to an enthusiastic one in 2020.


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