Democrats begin to fear Hillary Clinton's vulnerability

The Hill:
Democrats are quickly learning the perils of having a de facto presidential nominee in Hillary Clinton.

With the controversy around donations to her family’s charitable foundation growing, Democrats are bracing for more attacks on the former secretary of State — just the beginning of what they expect to be an 18-month assault on their party’s front-runner.

Few people on either side of the partisan divide expect Clinton to face a serious challenge for the Democratic nomination. But that advantage also allows the GOP to bring its full arsenal to bear upon her.

Democrats feel Clinton has weathered the storm so far, and many blame the media for both stoking and exaggerating its intensity.

But they also worry that the former first lady is bound to suffer some attritional damage over time.

“You have to define what the concern is,” said Hank Sheinkopf, a New York-based Democratic strategist. “Is there cause for concern in terms of the primary, about her being the nominee? Likely not. But is there concern over the next 18 months until the general election? Yes. Because this is obviously a well-thought-out, planned series of attacks.”
She has not handled the issues very well.   The email controversy plays into the suspicions about her role in the foundation scandal allowing speculation that she destroyed evidence of collusion to raise money for the foundation and Bill Clinton's speeches.

Recall that when she was trying to justify the destruction of emails she claimed that some were to her husband.  While Bill is notorious for not using emails it does not mean that she was not sending emails to him about transactions with donors and State Department actions to facilitate them.


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